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J. Inmaculada Pérez Dorado
J. Inmaculada Pérez Dorado
Associate Scientist

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Telf.:   +34 91 561 94 00 (ext. 442055)
           +34 91 389 16 96 (direct call)
Fax:    +34 91 564 24 31

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My career focuses in the functional/structural characterization of proteins involved in host-pathogen interactions and membrane trafficking processes linked to human disease as main topic, giving also important attention to other fundamental events such as redox processes. At present my main interest centres in the structural and functional characterization of virulence factors from Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the causative agent of human tuberculosis. My goal is understanding the molecular basis governing host-pathogen interactions not fully understood so far in this infectious agent, information that may lead to find new drug targets and developing new strategies to fight tuberculosis. 

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